>>  21.10.07

Here are some people whose works I loved and in someway inspire me *v*
  • Adolie Day - very nice children illustration, her book and her prints are on my top wish list
  • Audrey Kawasaki - who doesn't know her? her painting on woods are naughty nice
  • Bjornik - my booth mate at the last SGTTCC, his detailed works are amazing!
  • Brandi Milne - both scary and cute illustrations, another one on top of my wish list
  • Chris Riddell - his books makes me believe love in first sight *v*
  • Darren Shan - his books are hard to put down!
  • Pbrigitte Zombuki - lovely dolls which I want to buy when I have the money T_T;
  • Seno Gumira Ajidarma - a bit political sometimes, but beautiful sentences or even his nonsense are great!
  • The Daily Monster - cute monsters, amazing idea!

Some miniaturist I simply adore

I used to love sewing, like little felt dolls (though I gave up now). But you must see these wonderful people

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