Various Scaled 1:3 Miniature Rice Bowls!

>> 30.9.14

If you have followed my instagram, you might have seen some sneak preview of  my donburi (rice bowls) scaled 1:3 miniatures recently! I have also updated with clearer photos on my facebook album too. But I will take you a tour of each items here in my blog, specially if you as the reader of my blog is not to familiar with japanese (plus one korean) foods.

First donburi miniature that I finished is the katsudon. There was one time that I have to eat this at least once a week. It's not the healthiest habit, but I cannot resist fried pork cutlets with the soft egg mixture. It is so fuwa fuwa (fluffy fluffy)~

this is how it looks like in Akira's hand (Crobidoll R Line/SD size);
chopstick was too short I know

I can NOT miss making gyudon, can I? ;)
The miniature version that I made is the one that is very famous in Singapore; or at least that's how I think. Just a simple thin beef slices with onion on top of the rice. Nowadays you can add more toppings (with additional charge). But I like the simple version like these:

Akira: "Should I eat this one instead?"

Tendon (Tempura Donburi) was probably the most time consuming miniature set that I ever made so far. One reason was the size... and the other was because there are a lot of tempura pieces that I want to fit into each bowl! I hope you can still see the rice underneath. :) The toppings are shrimp (of course), kakiage (veggie slices), eggplant, lotus root, mushroom, kabocha, sweet potato and shishito pepper.

Chirasi don is probably one of my most colorful donburi. Fresh sashimi slices are served on top of the rice, along with other garnishes.

I have told you earlier there's one korean rice bowl, right? It's bibimbap! The version that I made is not the hot stone version (usually hot stone uses raw egg yolk instead). So probably this is the 'home version' - one that I know how to cook in RL! Hehehe.

one of the fun part is mixing all the ingredients with rice before eating :)

Last one is ochazuke. I have made the small 1:12 version last time. It is not so common if you don't understand japanese food. Ochazuke often enjoyed as late night snack, it's like porridge, but not mushy rice. There are many kinds of ochazuke - but I am only going to explain the one that I like the most: rice with the topping of small rice crackers, salmon, roasted seaweed, and salmon roe, then you pour hot tea or soup, add just tiny bits of wasabi, and eat!
*this is the only set that I made; for my own collection.

I decided to post the rest in separate posts; be patient with me~ Am going to hit the bed soon!
And yeah... long time no update, I know! Been busy with RL these past few months; between day work and various visits to general doctor.... signs I'm getting old and reaping those unhealthy habits in college. XD I am hoping to post the rest of the items soon.

One thing that I almost forgot to mention; I will be joining another local doll exhibition, SGDC with Snowfern in this coming November! More info soon, I hope :D


Akira working part-time in butler cafe

>> 29.6.14

It all started with this photo.
If any of you have noticed, I always have the soft spot for cute things. And I end up buying cute things for my dolls too. Akira is no exception; even when he is the only male doll and joke to my friends that he is being bullied in that sense.

But the hello kitty cup (with a huge pink ribbon) is just too much for him. He refuse to have it. Hehehe...

And yesterday I went to a doll outing with some friends. I decided to dress him as if he is working part-time in a butler cafe; a version of cafe known mostly to anime fans. I don't know if everybody understand the terms; if you want to know more, just do a google search to more info :3

The story was actually coincidental, while I was playing with the hot chocolate and donuts that I made recently. And of course, my friends (and friends' dolls) coincidentally fit into a storyline.

Akira: "this is not for me, right?"

"for you, lovely customer"

"be careful, it's hot"

during recess time, a hot choco drink for himself

"more marshmallows, please"

"these donuts looks yummy!"

"can i get a chance to talk to her if i offer these donuts?

Akira: "would you like to have some donuts?"
Calleigh: "errrm, i have to go..."

Akira: T.T

the ladies were having fun by themselves

Akira: "okay, I'll just have a sip of my coffee then..."

the next day: back to babysit Ayame :3

On the personal note: his string on the hip are loose, he couldn't stand properly. I have to re-string him! So yes, I only can make him sit during the doll outing, and couldn't join the rest who play and pose their dolls. T.T

Anyway, here are the hot choco drinks that are still available. Meaning to sell these on the upcoming doll event in November. But if any of you readers want to reserve, kindly contact me so I will also know if I have to stock more!

And on the side note, this is a balloon skirt + simple top that I sew for Ayame few weeks ago, to fit with her cutesy image.


Animal-themed DONUTS!

1:12 donuts having conference meeting :3

Second title: making failures!

When I met and chat with new people, sometimes they just do not believe that I also still make failures. I always answer honestly that I do make A LOT of mistake and failures, but it's just I seldom show/blog/talk to other about it. Believe me, my bestfriend can testify to it (mostly because she became the outlet of the failure).
And during those failure-making-moments; I am at the crankiest, most annoying, mostly nonsense-talking. If I can wear a sign on my forehead: "do not approach; may explode anytime possible".

I have to learn to walk away, shift my mind to another thing, and come back to it when I can be more calm. But sometimes that advice couldn't work; I can't just walk away. It is the only thing that fills my whole brain; MUST get it done. But by doing that... is just creating more failures. Oooh, I know it well because I have to learn it the hard way. I am used to chuck-away massive amount of failures to rubbish bin; simply just because it's painful to see all the failures.

Same thing with illustrating. I do envy people who can do a quick sketch, finishing up an illustrations much quicker than my speed. But then again... I am sure they might also have the frustrating moments of themselves, it's just that other people never see how much chaos behind it.

Back to these donuts :)
They took me a week (full of complains) before I got them done from the sketches.
I am having trouble with having a smooth colour-coating on the donuts. I did them same like what people would have done with the real donuts, dipped them onto the coating, flip them and leave them to dry. I wanted them to be as smooth as possible; but then again... real donuts are not that smooth either :3
Too smooth makes them look too fake; despite the fact that I am making a fake food! Hahaha, the irony...

from left: penguin, blue whale, seal, cow, pig, tiger, shiba inu, and tanuki (racoon)

Finally I can have fun with the arrangements; big to small stackable donuts!
The largest being 1:3 scale for SD dolls, 1:4 for MSD, and 1:12 for dollhouse collectors. Some are not complete, because I did not make a complete set for sale and I made some only for myself.

tiger, cow, pig

penguin, seal, and whale

shiba inu, chocolate cat, and tanuki (shape-shifting racoon)

scale 1:3 donuts on my hands

I did some photoshoot yesterday during a doll outing with friends. I've brought Akira out, and he poses with some of the donuts and hot chocolate marshmallows that I did recently. Decided to blog it on a different post because it includes a simple cute story :3


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