Planting in egg carton, miniature of course :)

>> 6.4.14

This would be an awesome project in real life. But too bad I don't have "green hand" and I often forgot things. The last time I have my own pot of flowers (for school project) only lasted about a month; just enough until the project all finished. XD
I remember Sans have lots of empty egg carton stacks at her house, which she always justify that she's going to use them in her project.

Anyway I am satisfied with having the miniature version, which will never died off. I am going to put one of them at my kitchen's window.
In my instagram's photo, I have showed little peeks of my latest kitchen. But I am still slowly filling it out, and it constantly become temporary storage for everything ongoing. I just can't feel satisfied decorating (even though it's been almost a year). Does anyone have this problem?

Back to these egg carton...

the bottom side up

when it's still filled with eggs

you can see the previous "closed" version, which I designed

 I was against making the opened version because it would be very thin. And it would always seems too flimsy and fragile. In the end I made it anyway :D
I am supposed to make a baking scene for my kitchen, but as usual, I got distracted XD


3 Little Pigs Inspired Goodies

>> 5.4.14

It all started with simple pig cookies. Because they are small and thin, I began to make its packaging (and to display it easier). If any of you follow my instagram, maybe you have seen my other cookies too.

As usual I can't stop at just making cookies. Hehehe XD
Suddenly I have the idea to make 3 little pig houses from cake as well. The straw house made from cheese and wooden house made from chocolate sticks. The brick house was kind of hard to think, because it can be red velvet flavor, and in the end I made sugary jellies to decorate it.

and so here are the complete set

and more snacks; just because XD

the cake "houses" was sliced to reveal the layers

I had already imagine that the background will be the big bad wolf. I was torn at first, whether to draw the big shadowy background, or make a mini wolf doll instead. (maybe one day I will make the doll too XD) But in the end, I draw the background because there's too many things going on already (the cake houses, cupcakes, cookies, and even packed snacks).


St. Honore, Eclairs, and their simple boxes

>> 6.12.13

I made these St. Honore awhile back... but finally I complete them with their crimped casing and simple box, enough for 2 pieces to fit. Visit them here.
But after I complete folding the boxes, I am wondering whether if it's too simple? This will do for now... but guessing my habit, I will re-visit and re-design the boxes again.

the back flap is not glued, so the dolls (or whoever "eat" it) can easily take the cake out!

I made the matching ones for the eclairs. They are only glued to the crimped paper casing but not to the box.
Below is the bakery paper packaging; each bag fit 6 pieces of chocolate almond covered croissants.

 Last but not least, here is rainbow colored rose meringues! Inside the plastic packaging, they are actually loose pieces (although I wouldn't recommend anyone to open the package :D)


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