5 things that never fail to amaze me...

>>  28.11.08

1. my mom's late bloomer (yes, mom, you're in my top 5 list, so stop pretending that you're innocent and sorry that i'm being too honest):
how my emails are full with emails (that can be considered as junk mail or mails that are not appropriate, especially if they are being shown by your own parents),
how my mom are crazier than me when it comes to actors & boybands... (i stick with one or two, but she likes all the new and hot ones),
how my mom wants to compete with my friends about a game in Facebook,
need to say more?

2. how simple my minds works (sometimes) when i judge a day lucky or not by traffic lights:
if the light is turning green immediately when i want to cross the road, i do believe that i will be lucky on that day and vice verca)

3. how people desperately wants me to look bad just so they can be the good one:
yes, i do have a bad temper, but not all the time~
i don't understand why do they desperately need to hate me and want others to hate me as well

4. how easy people can talk about others but cannot see that they are the same as the one they talked about:
i'm guilty here too...

5. how i wish that i can say sorry not because i hurt them, but because i make them has an ugly heart:
why can't they just pretend that i never existed if i only hurt their heart? it's not like i'm going to continue hurting them on purpose.
can't they see that forgetting those who hurt you works better? it's what i always do though...
i know pain in your hearts hurts like hell, and you can't easily forgive or run away from it, so why even bother to remind yourself all the time?


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