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>>  30.6.09

Just a quick update before going back tomorrow morning till 5th of August! And after exhibition will go back again to have holiday with my family. So, I will probably go busy-like-crazy until September >,<

Well, this is roughly how i plan to display my miniature clay (which are for sale). I added few details like the miso, ocha, chopsticks (this will be additional sale later on), & the lamp (coz I think it is quite empty behind the kotatsu).
Wondering should i sell my wagashi sets also? I think let's see whether I have more time.

The acrylic display stand also finished! Took me one whole day just to make one (& now I know why this baby can cost you like $30-40!)
But the macaroons aren't complete yet, will do so while planning for my new illustrations!
* more detail photoes @ my flickr.

* i have arrived at Jakarta!
* don't worry about my etsy store, i already asked my friend to help me. so while I am busy going places, keep the order coming in and she will send it from Singapore!


Unknown July 1, 2009 at 12:44 AM  

no kidding. i bought acrylic sheets a few mths back, but the only items i made were some acrylic display 'tables' that looked like crap cos back then i didn't know about acrylic 'glue' -_-"

really good job you're doing! here's wishing you success!! i also sent in a query email regarding how to exhibit, i didn't know that exhibitors were 'openly invited' to exhibit??? gosh i'm such a n00b :P

asukasakumo July 1, 2009 at 12:53 AM  

thank you snowfern! ^^

i did a project using acrylic before, & it was a very tiring and hateful job to cut them, don't you agree?
i avoid to use it actually; but since i got no money to buy one for display so i thought of doing it myself which cost less than $10. but it turns out taking my whole day!
for this one i only use white glue, and the partition is secured with basswood but it still look fine.

Unknown July 1, 2009 at 11:43 AM  

yes! i actually accidentally cut myself with a piece of acrylic before :( it's...not fun...scoring the acrylic can be such a pain :(

but your display turned out wonderful! it's gonna be a hit!

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