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>>  19.8.09

And after exhibition ends, I'm in quite a shock that the SGTTCC went well for me. I met a lot of new friends (hi guys!!!) and I sold quite a lot too ^^ (which is a bit shocking as well)
As I've said before, everything that's left will be sold at etsy, probably when I get back in September. Probably with more Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland!
The biggest compliments I got are the ones that said that they like my stuff. I didn't expect much, even less from my parents! (They even called my friend just to ask how I was doing, afraid that I will be sad if I don't sell any >.<)

One thing that I regret: is to buy almost NOTHING!!! T_T
In the opening night, I was so afraid that I would lose more money rather than earning it, so I limited myself (with the help of my friends) not to buy before I earn some of my money back. And now I regret it T_T. I can only get to order the Totoro Hat and korean doll Ddung.

*again with the lack of sleep*
I haven't put any of the photo online yet, will do so in couple of days. Oh, have I mentioned that I got to take picture with my favourite artists? Yes, I took a picture with Simone Legno from Tokidoki and Camilla D'Errico! Oh, I'm so nervous that I just stand there like a big statue >,<;

Right now I'm at the airport, enjoying my breakfast at Coffee Bean. Don't scold me just yet; this is my first coffee drink in two weeks!
And yes, I'm going back to Jakarta again, and next week Ill be away for the last holiday with my family. I won't be online for at least 2 weeks (starting August 26th onwards) as I won't bring my laptop with me (She is too heavy to carry around >,<) Probably I will check my email once in a while, if I managed to go puppy eyes on my parents and get a computer during my stay at the hotel. Oh, and I think I will close my etsy shop for a while, since I probably can't contact my friend to have it send. I'll be back in the first week of September though ^^


jocelyn teo August 20, 2009 at 12:55 AM  

AWW!! i'm so happy for you that the exhibition went well! and sales and friends are always good! :) it's great that the locals are receptive to miniatures! :))) too bad i missed it though, SIGH. will be there next year!

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