More Totoro and friend's cuteness!

>>  30.9.09

I have been working for these last week. I'm not sure if I want to sell these guys as they are really time consuming. Imagine that I had to make a thin sheet for the bread, cut it in squares, carving it into shapes with pen-knife ONE BY ONE, painting and varnishing it. Of course it is a basic thing to paint and varnish, but to cut them into shapes is the thing that I'm not really sure if I want to ever do it again. I tried making molds; using the heat-plasticky mold, but I'm not sure they can work well.

And the coffee arts! *.*;
First I thought of adding sand into the ketchup, as they are usually not very smooth. They turn out great. The next day, I visited Mdm Ang's shop and found some cute mugs and I thought it would be cute to add coffee arts to the set. I add sand again this time, to form the foam-like texture. I didn't know how much I should add in, but since sand is rather loose, I add too much white glue; after leaving it for a day, the glue shrunk! Then I have to redo them again. T_T


Unknown September 30, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

ahhhh you haven't tested your molds yet? don't worry! after you have your 'master', just find other moldmaking materials! remember the alley goop i was talking about? i haven't purchased any yet cos my hand isn't healed enough to return to clay, but maybe you can give it a try! or even use polymer clay to make a mold :D

these new items are AWESOME! i gotta say, everything is cute, but i especially love the fries, in all its simplicity it is very realistic and haha even the sauces have neko shapes > <


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