I'm in love *v*

>>  14.10.09

*for my parents and friends, do not be alarmed by the title nor get to excited. LoL

As some of you who might know me, yes this is still me. I'm in love with everything else rather than you first might have thought. ^0^
I'm just in love with Watermelon Kakigori which I stumbled onto the store with grumbling tummy. I ordered much more than what I usually eat, but I did not regret it!
On the downside, my friend, please remind me not to eat ice on rainy days!

I bought the 2-part of silicone mold last week. It works great! Although it cures rather too fast (around 30 seconds?) I'm starting to blame my hot hands *.*;
Because I have to work very quick, I began to panick. And that is why they are not line up well enough. >,<;


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