My Halloween House

>>  5.11.09

::edit:: i can't believe i forgot to post this!

This is for the Halloween Party last week. I think I forgot to publish this entry and save it to draft instead as I went to my little cousin's birthday and I was soak in heavy rain! It felt like carrying an umbrella is totally useless (and not to mention it almost flip upwards! O.O;)

I made simple witch hat for my Sylvanians (I haven't figured out their names yet). Well, mom is still quite busy in the kitchen so they are snacking at the cotton candy even before supper begins!

As some of you might know, it's my Kuroneko Cafe being re-furnished. I made the table, chairs, and little stairs last year. But I'm not too confident in it so I never take a really good shot at them. Anyway, next time I will make furniture that fits my Sylvanian better.
And on the shelves there is my full set of halloween cookies. I've tried to take photo of them individually but figure it could be ages for me to arrange them properly. I think I should've make a single packaging for the whole halloween set instead. Then I can make the listing much easier. I probably do so with my christmas set.
And I have another tutorial ready, probably tonight I can post about it.


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