Wasn't in the mood for minis lately

>>  25.11.09

"Thousand Skies"
-based on one of my old stories (that never got completed)
and inspired more by Last Song by Gackt

Well, I wasn't in the right mood to make any minis. Partly because I was pretty unsatisfied with making too big as it waste a lot of clays.
So I turned to draw instead. I used to hate using acrylic; I threw out my painting that I did in my class 4 years ago without taking any photo of it (yes, i do think it's that bad). But after picking up minis, I learned how to control it better.
And of course, she had to wear panda hat! It's my dream hat after all. v(*v*)v
*oh, this was photographed. the size is actually too big for my scanner, so i don't know how am i going to do about it...

And these are the continuation of my Antique Bakery. You have to ignore the black part that appears every now and then ^^; as you can guess they are my best friend ever "the Black Blue Tack".
The cafe can actually be taken apart, but I really want to glue them together. They are so hard to position as they are too small! I have to use tweezer most of the time.
I did stop making it last week, as I ran out of the thin woods.


Unknown November 25, 2009 at 7:06 AM  

o.O that was an acrylic painting??? !!! it's gorgeous! i saw the closeup on flickr, the details are beauuuuutiful u.u

and the antique bakery :O are you going to bring it to TDA? :E nice job! it's making me wanna watch it again XD make mini cakes for it!! :P

Ascension November 27, 2009 at 2:20 AM  

Hola!!!!!!!!!!Tu vaqueria es una preciosidad a escala 1:144, me encanta como te esta quedando, me gustan tus minis de comida, es una pasada tu blog, felicidades.ascension

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