The Doll Affair is coming!

>>  18.12.09

*rushing to pack everything & checking that i don't leave anything behind*

Bad news 1: It's only going to be 4 hours exhibition! *faint*
If I've known earlier, i won't have to worry of not having enough stocks. T_T

Bad news 2: I cannot sell my prints! They said since this is a doll exhibition, my prints are way out of league. But I still can sell my necklace because the dolls can still use them. Go figure. I'm thinking of bringing my portfolio still. I hope it is still acceptable.

Here are some of my new stuffs that i just got the chance to take photo of it. some are not really for sale, they are just for display purpose only.

I made the rest of the small little birds as charms. Was thinking of making the blue bird too, maybe next time.

These new drinks are last minute ideas. I feel the bottom parts are a bit too much though. Oh, I hate my perfectionist side.
Actually I wanted to make strawberry plants for display. Already made the flowers & the strawberries but they are not assembled yet. Maybe if I still have time tomorrow, or I might do live demonstration on the day itself.

Oh, and actually these little babies are clearly not for sale; going to bring as display and hoping to get some orders. They are my usual scale of 1:12 or one inch dollhouse.

But I got another offer to join another exhibition on the January. Still not sure if I want to, maybe if I still have stocks afterwards.
I'm tired and kind of moody. So I rambled without much sense. LoL
Anyway, see you at the doll affair!

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