Sukerukun Jelly Beans

>>  23.2.10

Here they are... my jelly beans in 1:4 and 1:12 scale using sukerukun. :)
They are not perfect I know. Just thought of making something while experimenting on my first pack of sukerukun. I don't really like using it though.

Please remember that I do not have enough experience with it (yet). So you can pretend that I'm writing this for my own note. Please don't ask me too many question about it; my only suggestion is for you to try it yourself. :)

A few reason why I think it's interesting:
1. pure sukerukun is transparent if you manage to make it thin enough to see.
2. works quite well with grace colour/ watercolour paint
3. i dont think it will melt in water after it dries (i never try putting one in though)

More reason why I don't like it:
1. its outer part dries faster than grace while working, so you have to work faster if you want to keep the smooth surface.
2. it shrink more than grace. (my jelly beans shrink from 4.5mm to 3.5 mm in a few days)
3. it dries longer to the final stage or either it can be still squished down (my jelly beans are not as hard as my grace items)
4. the colour darkens a LOT! and it took me few days to see how much the colour darkens for the jelly beans.
5. coloured sukerukun shrink more than the pure sukerukun.
6. I can't water it down; it feels the same as you add water to wax candle. So I can't really keep the left-over; I rather pinch a new one.
7. It picked the dirt faster and discolour very fast if you knead it too much.

So I think unless you have a big budget to buy the extra things needed (sukerukun + coating), it is not really worthed to try on. The sukerukun itself is much more expensive than Grace (and smaller).

You can see the other example on my flickr; my mikan (oranges). In few hours, the colour almost doubled. X(


Norma Bennett February 23, 2010 at 3:46 AM  

That's great information, thanks - and great jellybeans by the way :)

Kawaii Friends Cafe February 23, 2010 at 6:54 AM  

I have been experimenting with Sukerukun too and have similar results! You really need to be careful when adding colors but it is hard to tell what the outcome will be and you have to wait a few days! I still think it is one of the best translucent clay products though. I also discovered that you will not get any transparency if you add a colorant with white in it. I used premixed pink acrylic and lost all transparency!
Using this product is difinitely all about trial and error!
I agree on the price too so I made sure to pick some up in Japan. It was still 900 yen per block!
None the less you beans look sweet!

asukasakumo March 9, 2010 at 10:01 AM  

Your welcome Norma ^^

Hi Otete, I've used grace to get transparency before. As you said, you cannot add any white at all or it won't be transparent enough. I guess the same rule applies with sukerukun.
And I;m jealous at you! So many packet of clay! ;)

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