Anzu :3

>>  11.3.10

Finally, after almost like 2 months after I decided to buy her, she arrived!

Opening the super giant box! *doki doki*
Now I see what Nyann said about bubble wrap madness!

She came with purple eyes! Hahaha, I feel so lucky since I never "order" specially for the eyes (or maybe the seller managed to see my blog name and figured out that I like purple!)

After much thinking of her name, I feel that "Anzu" suit her the best. Or I want to call her "Ann". :3
She is 1:4 scale doll, so now I will make more 1:4 items for her! First project is "Alice in Wonderland" themed food. I know since the movie came out, suddenly Alice is like everywhere! I haven't know what exactly I'm going to make though, my initial idea is some cupcakes or tea party. But I will probably make 1:12 mad tea party (complete with Mad Hatter's hat and Cheshire Cat)!

I should stop saying my plans and start doing! LoL XD


Norma Bennett March 12, 2010 at 3:45 AM  

Oh yes, she's fabulous, and I love those purple eyes!

Jo Raines March 13, 2010 at 10:37 AM  

She is very pretty! She has quite a sort of 'mystic' expression and yes, violet eyes!


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