Tea for Two

>>  27.3.10

Anzu is having tea party with Kiki with lots of sweets!
Yup, they are my bigger miniature clay with mostly 1:4 scaled food. But some can be used for 1:3 scaled BJD dolls.

The tea cups and other props are re-ment props (that are luckily big enough XD).

Anzu spilt some jelly beans when she opened the bottle.

And my gummy bears actually fit her well too!

I am going to start selling selling some of these on my etsy and DoA soon. I will list them over the weekend. And yes, I am going open my shop at DoA marketplace soon! :)

1:4 mini cupcakes
Queen of Heart and Alice in Wonderland

These cookies will be sold in a set of 3 in a bag.

Ooh, I didn't forgot about making 1:12! :)
These are actually my OOAK creations (which I actually I have a hard time of letting them go). And they VERY hard to make so I don't think I want to make them anymore.
(Yup, I'm still debating in my mind about letting these go XD)

1:12 Alice in Wonderland marble cupcakes

1:12 Alice in Wonderland vanilla cupcakes

1:12 strawberry in pots

You can view more photoes at my flickr. :)


Jo Raines March 27, 2010 at 10:31 PM  

What a lovely tea and beautiful goodies. I love them all.


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