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Some people are always constantly asking me how "strong" air dry clay is. And usually I am too tired to answer it one by one. I do hope by this, I can answer all the answer by proving it!

Annabelle is a phone charm that is attached to my cellphone. Unfortunately, I didn't take her picture when I first made her. She was based on my illustration that I made in early 2007. It was during the first time I learnt how to make miniature too.

Annabelle - about one year old

Annabelle after 2 years

I made her with grace (and maybe with cosmos too, I forgot XD), and painted some with black acrylic only. In the center, I attached a thin wire because I am afraid that it would come apart, and the string was a left-over that I bought for the cellphone case (it was supposed to be light purple in colour).

Oh, I have to admit that I wasn't careful with my cellphone XD. I dropped it like so many times, since my cellphone is quite small than usual ones. That was why I attached a giant bell to her, so that I know that I brought my cellphone with me when I go out. (Yup, I often walked out without my cellphone with me and came home with plenty of miscall and sms! XD)
I always carry her in my jeans' pocket. And sometimes when I bump into something, I never worry that it would break (but I wouldn't say the same with my hip bone! XP)

As you can see, after two years of course there are some scratches all over her, some of the acrylic paint was scraped off and few discoloration in the white parts but I can say she's still in good shape. :) She was not even that "perfect" to begin with, as this was only an experiment at that time.


Ascension May 28, 2010 at 11:46 PM  

Que cosita mas bonita, enhorabuena!!
besitos ascension

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