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>>  18.8.10

Here are some more progress on the cafe. ^^
I finished the roof and acrylic glass on the front last weekend. And for those who are confused (like Sans) with the style of the cafe, let's start worrying together. XD
I wanted to make it more "open", especially since I already know how to work with PVC/acrylic better. They are detachable, using the slot and sliding trick.
Oh yeah, the lights haven't come. T_T

I have also finished some tables. A lot of time wasted just to calculate, sketch, planning of the color, and of course making the real thing. Had an accident while painting; I knocked over the varnish and have to re-do one of them. And actually they are not as "perfect" as it looks. Luckily it won't be seen. XD

On the tables, I put many things for display. All foods, strawberry plants, and jams are my works (and available if you want to buy them ;P)
But I also wanted to show that 1:12 kitchen accessories fit well! (Yeah, and I did the victory pose! XD) The kettle was one of my collection which I bought from somewhere (I forgot, sorry!). The toaster and cutting board is from Sylvanian sets.

*smacks my own head*
I forgot to take photograph of all the presents that Snowfern, Sans, Dale and Rosanna gave me!
Sorry ladies, I'm such a mess =.=;

I also bought the sewing kit set last week, and loooooove it! Although the threads look plasticky, but the rest is just nice! Especially the scissors!

Don't forget the special promotion on my shop! ;D
I'll extend the timing until the weekend, so I will send the items latest by next Monday!
Do convo me if you are interested in my other items to check it's availability. :)


Sans! August 19, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

I know the style, it's called Style Asuka :).

Looks like everything's going to be ready for the fair :). Well done , Asuka:) especially since you are building everything from scratch.

asukasakumo August 23, 2010 at 7:27 PM  

Thank you sergun!

Sans, you are correct! Ding! Ding! XD

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