Fruit jellies and jams

>>  12.9.10

LoL, I was in my drawing-mode and completely forgot what my last post was all about (and thought that I already blogged about the itsy bits XD) And I have to admit, I have to re-read my blog; just to know which I have talked about and which isn't.

After seeing Snowfern's amazing jellies, I am longing to make my own. I don't have any decals (yet), so I was experimenting with what I have.
I printed some of my vector illustrations on sticker papers. Well, I think I won't recommend to stick sticker papers onto resin. They are not sticking properly (you will need a lot of time trying to do so) so I had a lot of failure indeed.

The jams are part of my mold + resin experiments. But as I can only work with one color each every half a day, I think they can only meant for my collection, at least for now. XD

I also took few more photos, which I hope are better to see it's transparencies. I'm sorry if it's not clear enough though; photographing minis are always hard. T_T
Remember the strawberry plate I mentioned before? IRL, it is more transparent. Maybe I should have use a darker background.

And here is the sakura plate that I also mention before. On top of it, is the sakura wagashi that I made months ago. XD

I made some onigiris (japanese rice balls) and few more cakes in attempt to fill in the trays! :)
I stop making the cakes for a while, because I have notice that my ideas are all strawberry cakes! XD
The funny thing is when I played the annoying-but-addicting-game-of-slicing-fruits on my friend's iPad; more than once we said "I hate strawberries!" since they are so small and hard to slice! XD


Sans! September 13, 2010 at 12:10 PM  

Hey, you have been hard working :). I really like those jellies. They look exactly like the real thing!

Unknown September 13, 2010 at 8:53 PM  

Te ha gustado lo de hacer gelatinas y te salen muy bien.
Las jaleas son diminutas. Los imprimibles siempre dan problemas y son costosos de hacer.
Me gustan tus trabajos.
Besos Clara

asukasakumo September 14, 2010 at 3:11 PM  

Thank you Sans, haha... if I may say it myself, I also like the jellies, finally after several trials and error. :)

Gracias Clara. Sí, están causando tanto dolor del corazón. ¡También tengo gusto de sus pequeños libros! :)

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