Sugar candies, sandwiches, and doll patterns

>>  24.9.10

I proudly say that I have finally listed all these items on my shop. :)
It's getting more confusing for me of how to "price" these items. They are my ORIGINAL designs, which I have drawn everything from scratch. And I also varnish them one by one for better quality. (But they are still prone to damage if you were to "soak" these in water; they are paper after all Xd).
So what I can offer is discounts for more of the same design. :)

Oh yeah, I just "have to" take the photo of these toothpick flags again. I realized that the old one was too blurry. And I have to say.... I love this afternoon's sunlight; it was so bright so that I didn't have to hold still for too long with that biiig camera! :D

I also listed these four sandwiches on the animal shaped tray complete with french fries and ice lemon tea! I actually put the flags on random; just to make it cuter. :D

Last but not least, I have a new section at my shop: 1/12 Miniature Stationary!
Hehehe, I do hope that you can see my little drawing of Konpeito, she is modeling for these "DIY Kits".
The patterns were actually scaled down from the actual doll pattern.

Just to make it clear... although these are called "DIY Kits"; I'm sorry to say but it is not possible to make the dolls from these pattern. Perhaps if you are a house-brownie, that is. XD

Can you guess what's next I'll be making this weekend? Miniature letter kits and diary to "complete" more sets! :D
Hahaha, it seems that I will neglect more clay works for a little longer. ;P


Unknown September 25, 2010 at 2:23 AM  

Has trabajado mucho y eso en las ventas lo tienes que repercutir.
Me encanta cómo te salen las patatas fritas.
Besos Clara.

Unknown September 25, 2010 at 2:54 AM  

Looks great!

I know what you mean about pricing. The two things I've ever put on Etsy... one was my own design. It took a lot less time than many of the things I make because it was all one color and one piece, but... I put it up for $50 because it's unique. I doubt it'll ever sell. lol

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