Anzu's first doll meet!

>>  9.2.11

Anzu went to her first doll meet at the end of last month.

She also just had her make-up redone by lightlybattered. I like her natural make-up like before, but for a change I want Anzu to have a-little-bit-of NANA feeling.

Everybody brought their handsome dolls to the meet. But I do not know if I actually allowed to post the photo of them here. (Well, I hope just a few won't hurt, right? ;P)
I've also meet new friends, but I always afraid to actually touch other peoples' dolls. (I am afraid that the clumsy me will do something bad). And it only make me feel more excited, hoping to receive something good in the mail pretty soon! XD

Onto the next posts~

I love this guy so much <3

Yup, he is jealous because only his friend got all the girls! XD


The Old Maid February 10, 2011 at 2:34 AM  

Great dolls! I am not surprised you didn't want to touch other dolls. I was affraid of that too! Even when my new doll-friends wanted me to take their dolls. There is something about BJDolls that makes me a bit affraid to do so.;)

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