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>>  10.5.11

Finally I've re-do the packaging for the gummy bears!
Before I put them on a bottle, because so it's easy for anyone to play around with it. But it doesn't look complete to me, so I've thought of making the Kuroneko packaging. :3

They are a new batch of gummy bears btw, did it with the "Crystal Sheen" resin which I found out for the first time cured faster and more beautifully! You can just google it. :)

I've also re-make my 1:4 puff pastries (without the panda though). Urgh, I really want to try another kiwi cane for the 1:4 scale, but I still have quite a few to use.

Actually after my cupcakes galore post; this 2 ideas keep on popping into my head. I've done a lot of panda-themed food, but not the kuroneko (black cat)!
And of course I have to make bee, it's just so irresistible! I don't know why I also have an urge to make similar cookies. Hopefully I have the time for it!

AND LASTLY.... (pardon me, I'm too excited! XD)
I made 1:3 cheesecake! It's been bugging my mind ever since I found a cute mold on the supermarket! But since it's quite big and thick, it took almost a week and more for it to dry completely.
Not only that, I've managed to mimic the cocoa powder on top of the cheesecake with a cat's silhouette! Although it looks rather plain without the fruits or any other garnishes.


Alice May 12, 2011 at 3:36 AM  

Amazing! SO cute, I love everything in this post ^___^

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