Time for Halloween

>>  22.9.11

I am so tempted to make another Halloween House this year.
But I am working on something else right now and forgot where I keep my camera. =.=; I think it's in one of the shelves, but due to the incoming repair on my room, I covered the whole cupboard with newspaper and taped it down. Silly me that I didn't keep it separately. *knock my own head*

But I still have last year's Halloween House for sale. I love how all the pieces are not glued together, so they can be arranged anyhow I like. :p

The two sets come with a Halloween Letter Set.

I also made a tutorial on how to make a simple Halloween House tutorial which is popular within this time of the year.

Hrrmmm, maybe this year I'll just continue making my Christmas Cookie Train. *fingers cross that I won't get distracted*

Don't forget that I still have SPECIAL PROMOTION at my shop until the end of this month! :)


mintwonderland September 25, 2011 at 9:25 PM  

awesome, love your halloween house!

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