I'm A Giant Challenge Week 2

>>  10.10.11

Second week of the challenge: Start with the the first floor (stairs, painting, sanding, re-painting, re-calculating everything)

cost for last week (if counting based on the material used): approx. $15
I have most of the material (wood etc since last year), but I did shop $23 for new cardboard/ mounting board/ foam board of various thickness.

The execution always different from my planning. When I drew the model, I estimate that the walls are 4mm thick, but since I decided just to stick 2 x 1.5mm cardboard together, now it is only 3mm thick everywhere...

Both doors can be opened! I am so proud of it. Although the mess and construction took longer, I think it's worthed.

I am not "me" if I never torture myself. XD
Actually the real color of the stairs are this green (as below) - inspired from the Antique Bakery which I did the scale 1:100 cafe (not yet finished)
I want to watch the movie again! (which will be my over 20th times? LoL)

But then when I re-think, blue goes slightly better with white in overall. Or at least I imagine so... XD

This is the view of the kitchen area. I cannot decide wether or not I want to add few wood skeleton as extra support in the middle. I know you're confused with what I mean, but guess what... I am also confused! Lmao! I was staring at it for few hours without doing anything except sanding and gluing the door into place.

compared to the 1:48 model

As I haven't build any table tops or chair that fits with the scene yet, everything seems to be very large still, I keep on wondering about whether or not I did the right measurement.
I did small tables and chairs last time, but since I calculate them using my Sylvanian as a measurement, they look too small for this cafe! The good news is, I can use them as children's set! :)


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