St Honore, Eclair, and Croissant

>>  25.11.11

It has been a while since I made any miniature clay, since much of them are mostly WIP. :)
St Honore has been in my have-to-do list since way back, and finally I made some...

Before assembling, I was complaining to Snowfern that I mixed in funny colors for the icing. Especially since I saw this photo. But I knew I have to finish them anyway, but once finished I love them to bits.

Initially I wanted to have the paper packaging in gold color. But then my printer's ink died and I ran out of stock! The white version is actually just a mock-up (low-quality-black-ink-printed), but it actually works nicely. But I will have to print a good quality to sell, of course. And that is why these aren't on sale yet (soonish!)

I've also made some eclairs using the same color. The white paper makes it looks like hotdogs XD But I am pretty satisfied with how it look. (AND I never have to crimp papers like Snowfern did LMAO)

1:12 against 1:24 croissant

I also made new designs of my croissants. Again, i am not too happy with the coloring, should have done a better job. Never mind, these will be covered with chocolate! :D
I am rushing to take photo of these last night, and couldn't find my penny alas the bobby pin works too.


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