Japan Trip Day 6 - Harajuku and Shibuya

>>  5.12.11

our unhealthy (?) breakfast, 2 puddings!
(i brought back the glass jar home :) )

We took the JR Yamanote line and headed for Harajuku. As soon as we got off from the station, we saw Yoshinoya, just right beside Takeshita-dori. Last time I was very crazy about eating the gyudon (before the price went up like crazy!) so I thought that I have to taste it in its origin's place. They tasted pretty much the same, the only different is their toppings; they have a lot more variations. I ordered the regular one, and my mom ordered the one with the tofu and shirataki, but I didn't take photo of hers because she was too hungry. XD

We continued to walk to Meiji Shrine, and saw a lot of children wearing kimonos. They are so cute! My mom like the obi so much.

We went into the garden, but it was pretty much off season.

We headed back and went through the souvenir shop. My loots (wagashi):

We also ate a very delicious oden and curry ramen at the canteen beside it, but I didn't take photo as we were too hungry. ;d
At first I wanted to eat somewhere else, but never calculated that we spent a lot of time at Meiji Shrine. My mom was satisfied with her oden anyway XD

Strangely we never saw much cosplayer on Jingu-Bashi that day.

'No Nuclear' demonstration

So then we headed to Kiddyland. The first store stated on my book was under renovation, and I was almost crying in dissapointment to my mom, especially when she kept on saying she wanted to see some Hello Kitty. I refused to go to PuroLand, because I thought it was too expensive to go there and we don't really like Hello Kitty that much. And then suddenly there was a lady approaching us and ta-da; a postcard showing the temporary shop, just a few blocks from there. And I bought 4 full sets of re-ment! I will take my sweet time opening them. :)

We headed to Takeshita-Dori. A lot of interesting shops there but I managed to get out with only a new small bag. Daisho was there, everything is only 100 yen; but I can find almost everything on Singapore's branch so I never shop any.

giant servings! wonder who can finish any of these?

After that we headed to Shibuya! Of course we have to see the Hachiko statue. And after that we visited Tokyu Hands; the store is very big and you'll get easily confused.

shibuya's crowd!

Our dinner was the set for two people at Gyubei Souan at Seibu. It was a korean style BBQ restaurant. It was very very delicious! It was a very big portion for 2, too bad I couldn't finish my porridge at the end.

the appetizers

beef's tongue



yukaejang porridge

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Sans! December 13, 2011 at 5:57 AM  

all that food makes me hunnnnngry especially the gyudon :) and you saw a wedding at Meiji shrine!love all your posts about japan.

I think your giveaway is amazing!

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