Akira's Birthday; Strawberry Shortcake

>>  12.2.12

Yesterday (March 11th) was Akira's birthday! He came exactly a year ago at my home. :)
So I decided to make him a strawberry shortcake (inspired by the cake that I ate during my visit from Studio Ghibli's).

Akira doesn't exactly like cakes or anything sweet; but he did enjoy this particular cake as it is very fluffy and not as scary-sweet as it may look). So yes, he did enjoy this cake a lot.

Yet his birthday did not end there. He has 4 new friends XD.
I bought them yesterday (the result of "someone-playing-devil" on me) because we were playing a totem pole with these 4 (and more). She has the evidence in her phone. ;P

Akira: "I knew my birthday won't end so sweet T_T

And then some scale 1:3 commissions that I got lately; a cheesecake, a puff pastry, and a totoro cappuccino. Akira help to model these for me. I hope my customer like them. :)


Ilona February 13, 2012 at 1:54 AM  

Congratulations, Akira!! I see so much details on the miniature food, soooooo realistic and its mazing!! The cakes seems yummie ;) to me!
Kind regards, Ilona

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