Hina Matsuri Gift Set and Cupcake

>>  3.4.12

Finally I have finished the Hina Matsuri set which I imagined would be nice as a gift set. Hehe, I tend to imagine to much (and have to remind myself that these are only props for dolls! - not real!). XD Well, I can pretend that Anzu got this as a gift from her friend ;d

Above is the 1:4 scale set, which consist:
- Emperor and Empress cookie (4 pieces each)
- Hina Matsuri flower candies
- Sakura Green Tea (the top right)

And below is the 1:12 scale. The only difference is that I could only fit 3 cookies each in the packaging.

urrgh, my hands are shaky~

1:12 compared to the 1:4

And I also made some cupcakes! Which is the original idea for my Hina Matsuri collection. I attempted a new style for my cupcake, which is more realistic rather than my usual cutesy type. But I don't think this style suite me :( After I have finished them, I feel something is lacking. I don't know what for sure, but it just doesn't feel 'right'.

the 1:4 scale Emperor and Empress cupcake

and last but not least, the 1:12 cupcakes :)


Anonymous ,  November 30, 2012 at 10:27 PM  

I think what is lacking is designs on the cupcake paper itself, because its so pretty up top, but so blank and whit and plain below.
- love your work
-email me sometime

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