A Long Overdue Update

>>  25.11.12

Hiiii~~ :)
I haven't got anything much to say at the moment. I am just updating you with some new photos of my recent works. These are scale 1:3, which are meant for EOY 2012. Some of you might have read in Snowfern's recent post that we are collaborating with our special friend to display our miniature food.

You might have notice I am trying out a new watermark style, a simpler one. Let see how it goes :)
View more photos at my flickr.

1:3 Tarte aux Fruit

1:3 Chocolate Petit Gateau

1:3 Matcha Opera Cake

1:3 Petit Croquembouche

1:3 Strawberry Parfait

And sorry for the long overdue update, have been quite busy with real life lately and old shoulder injury getting worse. But finally I've gotten a full and thorough check-up and will be doing continuous therapy for several weeks ahead; and hopefully I will get better.

Next post will be an announcement for a special promotion on my etsy shop!


Giac November 26, 2012 at 8:48 PM  

Hello Asuka,
Those are all wonderful. They look so relaistic.
Well done,

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