Asuka's Christmas Miniature Hong Kong Exhibition

>>  12.12.14

set up for the opening and media interview

Event Detail:
Venue: The Sun Arcade basement, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Time: NOW until 4th January, 2015
*Go down by escalator to the basement, my exhibition pieces is just right in front of the Watami, Japanese Restaurant. :)

First of all, I know I owe a lot of blog posts over this 2-3 months. But I simply do not have time to blog as I was rushing to complete the exhibition pieces (23 in total!) It may come as a surprise to some of you, but some should have seen the update on my instagram about "a secret project".

And the timing!
Right after I was just done doing AFA 2014 (it will be another blog post :)), I had to prepare to directly fly to Hong Kong! It was a really busy year end for me.
I will also have another separate post regarding each miniature pieces. :D

I received tremendous help in setting up all of the miniature. It was kind of hard to juggle my day job, preparing for AFA 2014, and completing 23 miniature pieces at the same time! I only have 2-3 hours of sleep everyday to rush completing everything (reminiscence from writing my book last time! XD) Luckily I still have some part of my own collections and selling stocks, so I only have to make the furniture or display pieces. It would be impossible to make all from scratch in just 2-3 weeks.

they also invited two gorgeous model (Rosemary and Jamie) who poses with my miniature here

Anyway! Here are some of the finished miniature pieces. These photos are not taken by me, but by Mr. Kim. I just have to put my logo (to prevent photo-thieves!). I hope you all understand :)

Christmas Sweet Shop

Alice Sweet Shop

Alice Party Table

scale 1:4 osechi

Sukiyaki Kotatsu Dinner

Last, I also created 5 special sets of Hong Kong Michelin Food inspired, specially for this exhibition. The details of each piece will be on the next post! :D

Dim Sum, Roast Duck, Sweet Sour Pork

Short Rib Burger, Flat Bread, Prawn Linguine, Royal Caprese Salad

Here are some link of the online news of the opening day:

Hope you all can visit them if you are in Hong Kong! I have to say goodbye to these precious things until January T.T


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