Asuka's Christmas Miniature Hong Kong Exhibition Details

>>  16.12.14

As I have said in my previous post, here are the individual hong kong exhibition miniature pieces details :)
I have to admit these may not be a good photo, as I was rushing just to complete them in time and distracted with AFA 2014. T_T

Anyway, here is the Event Detail:
Venue: The Sun Arcade basement, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Time: NOW until 4th January, 2015
*Go down by escalator to the basement, my exhibition pieces is just right in front of the Watami, Japanese Restaurant. :)

Christmas Sweets Shop

Macaron Shop

Donut Shop

Cake Shop

Alice Dinner Party Table

Alice Cookie & Animal Cupcake Christmas Tree

School Lunch

Oden Kotatsu Dinner

Sukiyaki Kotatsu Dinner

The Big Bad Wolf Sweet Shop

Osechi (Japanese New Year's Food)

Baking Rainbow Cake

Baking Christmas Cookie

Christmas Dinner Party Table


Bento Onigiri Shop

Alice Sweet Shop

Preparing Christmas Gift

If you are my blog reader, you maybe remember that I have blogged each pieces way back in the past. Yup, luckily I always have some "extra" that I keep with me. The 2-3 weeks that they gave me is more about making the furniture or display or table pieces.

Few of these are actually some samples that I made when I write my book :)

And just slightly more than a week before, they also requested some Hong Kong Michelin inspired food... to be made into minis!
Since I am working with air dry clay, my main worry is always whether or not the pieces can dry within time. And luckily I finished all 5 sets in time (and few days to let it fully dry :))
I have not even try all of these food myself; and have to based everything from the photos I found online.

Roast Duck inspired by Yung Kee Restaurant

Short Rib Burger and Flat Bread inspired by Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Prawn Linguine and Royal Caprese Salad inspired by Jamie's Italian

Shumai and Baked Bun and Meat Bun inspired by Tim Ho Wan

Sweet Sour Pork with Strawberry inspired by Pang's Kitchen

Now that all the exhibitions are over for these year and I am back to my day job, I found myself with so much time... I even forgot how it feels like! Hahaha, time to search for new project!

Next post will be about my exhibition at AFA 2014, Suntec! (And more addition to my doll collection ;P )


The grandmommy December 18, 2014 at 12:17 AM  

You work is beyond words!
What a talent you have!

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