Midnight's Children - the World at Night

>>  27.11.08

Book size: 0,7 cm x 14,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Written & illustrated by: Cloudy Purplesky [Asuka Sakumo]
Media used: drawing pen, marker, photoshop for colouring, japanese pattern

Postcard size: 9,4 cm x 14 cm
Badge size: 4,4 cm (diameter)
Box size: 9,6 cm x 6,4 cm x 6,4 cm
Bottle size: 9,5 cm x 4,5 cm (diameter)

Avere was 17 years old and he was the only one who could see the spectres. The spectres lived inside the people's mind, making them like a living doll. Avere and Reah were running away from them.

But soon the strongest of the spectres took over Reah's mind too, with an exchange: for it to protect Avere. But the spectre lured him instead. Avere knew and said he was sorry that he could not protect Reah. Out of pity, the spectre did protect Avere and sacrificed herself. He read her letter but in the end he still gave up because he did not want to be left alone.

To view more illustrations, visit my deviantart. And please email me if you are interested in buying the prints or other stuffs.


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