Midnight's Children - the World inside the Mirror

>>  27.11.08

Book size: 0,7 cm x 14,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Written & illustrated by: Cloudy Purplesky [Asuka Sakumo]
Media used: drawing pen, marker, chinese ink, photoshop for adjustment

Postcard size: 9,4 cm x 14 cm
Badge size: 4,4 cm (diameter)
Box size: 9,6 cm x 6,4 cm x 6,4 cm
Bottle size: 9,5 cm x 4,5 cm (diameter)

Fobie was 13 years old and she was always being compared to her sister, Miranda. Her parents neglected her and would lock her up in the dark closet. Her parents often told her stories about a monster in the dark that will eat her, as she was naughty. It happened that the mirror in the closet where Fobie was locked was actually a gate to other worlds and Nybass (the monster) talked to Fobie and asked her to go inside the mirror.

Miranda was jealous because Fobie started to change, so she went to the closet but ended up being eaten by Nybass instead. Her parents commented like it was better if it was Fobie instead. In the end, Fobie chose to stay at the other world, thought that it would ease her parents' problem.

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