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>>  17.6.09

Right now i am in between a lot of things. I have just graduated and haven't start working yet. I want to have holiday first but plenty says that i must go to work immediately. And I want to make the Antique Bakery miniature but I want to experiment on my drawings again. There are too much small things that bothers me.

These sets are my last miniature projects (apart from macaroons that i haven't completed yet). It doesn't mean I will completely stop doing clay (I LOVE clay and obsessed with the perfection!) But I got a good offer (if they accept me) to hold an exhibition at Suntec in this coming August. It means I can sell my stuffs + (face a lot of people) + i have to draw more + (spend more money) + more experiments + (busy going into places) again.

size of the box H 1, 5 cm x W 3 cm x D 3 cm

9 sets of layered cakes glued on gold thick paper which will be sold in a set of 3 pieces.
the flavours (from top left): raspberry cake, chocolate temptation, blueberry mousse, mocca cake, strawberry cheesecake, matcha cake with clover icing, carrot cake, strawberry mousse with sakura jelly, and triple chocolate cake

10 sets of checker cookies
size 0,4 cm x o,4 cm with 0,1 cm thickness
i have smaller scale of 0,2 cm x 0,2 cm (but they are not perfectly squared, i will do so when there are people interested in buying or my eyes will go sideways >,<)


Snowfern June 17, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

eeps! no wonder you have been so busy ^ ^ i'm so glad for you! what exhibition is it?? i want to come down and see too!!

oh btw i did take pics of your school exhibit, but haven't blogged about it yet -_-" really very nice wor! cousin and i kope'd alot of your nice namecards too ;P

asuka sakumo June 17, 2009 at 10:01 PM  

do you know last year singapore comic convention? they're having the 2nd one in this august, i'm not sure i got in yet since the booth are limited.
but i'm too excited already! i will inform you again once i got the confirmation from them ^^

Unknown July 1, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

WAHH!! yea i didn't go for last year's, gratz on the invite! yes please do let me know, i want to go see too!

gosh i'm sooo envious! i wonder if Singapore will ever hold a miniature convention > < if so, i DEFINITELY want to be part of it!

i just saw your flickr pictures, they look :O AWESOME. good job!

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