Totoro Creampuffs

>>  12.6.09

size of each H 1,2 cm x d 0,8 cm

anybody interested in buying? i'll put it up on my etsy store.
inspired by AnnaTheRed non-bento#12 Totoro cream puffs and Hayao Miyasaki's Shirohige creampuff

i've cut my finger when cutting the small details >,<
i thought i've mastered the cutting technique, but it turns out i'm still clumsy as ever...


Unknown June 14, 2009 at 10:48 PM  

hey you!

oh dear, exacto knife? those things are damn sharp :( i've stabbed myself (accidentally) with it before too....

i KNEW it!! i LOOOOVE totoro...those are adorable!! and gratz on your etsy sales ^ ^

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