the doll affair 2009

>>  15.11.09

Yay! I will be exhibiting at the doll affair this year!

For the past week I've been trying to make clay food scaled 1:3 (and some 1:6). It's bigger than what I'm used to make and it waste so much of my stocks of clay. T_T; It's easier to make but still feel a bit sad.
I don't dare to make too many though, I plan to have a better photoes for my minis so later on (hopefully) I will have a-pro-book-like-photoes. So everyone can take a look at them and request the items that they want.

My dear friend Snowfern suggest me to sell my postcards too (of what I have left from STGCC last August). But maybe if I have the time, I will print another set of Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland; since they are best-selling. I'm not too sure though, it will only be a day and it IS a doll exhibition; I'm not too sure if they will be interested in buying postcards.

Any suggestions are welcome! ^^


dalesdreams November 15, 2009 at 8:38 AM  

I would definitely make them, peeps were selling cards at the phila miniaturia... it's a nice surprise to find something like that at a show and gives you another item to sell as well. :)

Good luck to you dear, I wanna hear all about the prep and the show. :)

Unknown November 15, 2009 at 12:13 PM  

ya! i think it's good to show that you also have works other than miniatures, take it as another opportunity for exposure. and since you have stock leftover, why not, right? :)

yay! see you at TDA! woot woot!~

(hi Dale!)

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