My Whole Collection Photoshoot

>>  16.11.09

These photoshoot took me 6 hours to finish (not to mention the mess I left behind). After another 4 hours total of editing, I see that I should have more random background colour for those who are in similar categories.
But finally I have a proper photoes of my cookies! *wipe tears*
And FINALLY I got the chance of trying out my new Nikon D90! *yay*

I'm thinking of not bringing any of my dollhouse collections (other than that I want to sell) to the doll exhibition next month. That is why I have this photoshoot which later I will print them on good quality paper. So later on, people can browse and order the things that they want. It's a bit risky, I know (they might be lazy to come back and buy at other time). But I already spent 2 packs of Grace and 3/4 White Hearty - just to make several bentos, sushi, and pancakes. *cries again* I don't think I want to make anything else anymore on that scale.

P.S.: %@$% I forgot to take photo of my hina matsuri. Well, yesterday's time was running out. The sky turns dark on few of the last photoes and I had to brighten the photoes much more.


Unknown November 16, 2009 at 8:41 AM  


i love it! i was thinking of doing the same, a catalogue of sorts, but i donno how to take pics LOL so i bochup! i love the displays, all the tiny foods in big plates always gets me feeling 'garrumph'~~

you're not gonna sell some of these?? i beg you to re-consider, at least bring a few to showcase la!!!

asukasakumo November 16, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

i think your pics are good enough ^^. maybe one thing that i can suggest that you might want to leave some space for text like mine.

i did a re-shoot for all my things because the old ones are too tiny (since i used pocket camera) and too many photoes lying around. another reason is that i want to practice using my new cam (which my father bought for me after begging for months LoL)

i think i might bring some for showcase only. sometimes i'm torn in between collecting and selling, if you know what i mean.

dalesdreams November 18, 2009 at 1:52 PM  

Asuka, I think it looks more than wonderful when you click on the picture and get the full size version!


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