I start to sell my molds ^^

>>  24.1.10

I am very bad at promoting my etsy XP. I am not a sweet talker, I always just say straight to the point. You can guess I always got lousy score at my essay tests. I am trying though ^^.
I bet it sounds strange when I am a writer. I guess because as a writer, I can go on as wild while I can't really do it in my whole entire life.

I am starting to sell my own handmade molds. They can be used for air dry clay and polymer clay, as it can be baked and stand up to 400ºF. They are flexible, so actually you can pop them out very easily without any releasing agent.
I won't be selling too expensively, because I always think myself as a buyer too.

I am so proud of my heart-cream-shape. And decided to try to make the mold so I can work faster, because I am not very good at piping creams. And maybe (I think) some people would have the same feeling as me! XD

But maybe I should put the price higher since I am saving up to buy my own dolls (which are increasing in number, thanks to someone >,<;) LoL


Ascension January 25, 2010 at 12:20 AM  

Es una idea genial!!!!!!!!!, con el molde te salen de maravilla, ademas puedes hacer muchos a lavez con el truco del celo, felicidades.besitos ascension

Yvonne January 25, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

They are amazingly small and beautiful.

I know a few sellers who are very straight forward at promoting their stuff but when over emails, they are actually very nice and helpful. I guess they just have to do this to prevent no hanky panky buyers.

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