In the mood for strawberry craze

>>  24.1.10

I was going crazy for the last week with making lots and lots of strawberry! (And I still think it's not enough XP) And I was having fun taking photo with just the three pots (one in watering can). And I still want to take more because I am so proud of (at least) keeping up to my own promise and plan which is aeons ago!

And I just to have some creations for the valentine fever (with lots of strawberries!)

And I always forgot to mention one rules that I set on myself. I was going to update it on my FAQ on deviantart page, but afraid it would be taken wrongly (as always). Yeah, maybe because I was already boiling angry that makes me forget about this particular one. X(

For me, I don't really mind if anybody takes my photoes. All I ask in return is proper credit to me, because I spent lots of time and energy to make each creations.
I myself like to collect other people's image (and stalk them because I'm too shy XP), but only as personal collection. I don't claim any ownership towards anything that wasn't even mine to begin with.

So yeah, other people's image are a good reference when you are doing something. My art teacher quote "There is no such thing as original idea. Even art itself is already a copy of the real world." My point is, you just have to be creative when creating something, try to make it different from others. That is when you can be proud of yourself.

Maybe some of who may think I'm just being overly too sensitive about this matter. I have to admit that I am. I have a traumatic accident.

There was this so-called-friend in secondary school. We both do like to draw japanese manga. And she always mockingly said that my drawings are very bad and hers are better. For me, I took it as a light joke and I didn't really mind because I always think I just started drawing, and how can I expect myself to be compared to the real japanese mangaka.

But then one day, I found out that she copied all my drawings and change all the dates before mine. (We always put date for reference and see how much we improved each day) I didn't want to suspect anything bad but found it odd because she drew exactly the same as mine (which she said were very ugly). But my other friends whispered to me, saying that the girl said to everybody else that I was the one who copied hers! And not only that, all my other drawings on my friends' book are blackened after they lent it to the girl.

So I decided to ask her. And all she did reply was "How can you say that? I am your best friend. Remember that I lent you my scissor once?" (And she under-stroke the word "lent" twice to make it the biggest point.)
I would have laughed very loudly if I wasn't so disappointed in her.


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