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>>  7.1.10

Stealing away some time to update my shop again. :)
None of the items are new, but I force my self to get up, took some new photoes, editing, listing, and tagging them. And now all I have to do is to promote and wait.

I am now selling some of my old books from 2-3 years ago. Yes, before dipping myself into miniature world, I did make some felt dolls. And a book-worm like me just can't resist not buying too many books. They are still in GOOD conditions, only for some creases. Some of the books are not even used! So I decided to sell them since I also gave up on sewing too much.

I've also start listing bigger food items for BJD dolls. I plan to make some more chocolate cookies too, since they were sold out very quickly. But I can't promise for sure when I'm able to have it.

I guess that is it for now. And I'm back to my own "seclusion". :)


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