Lunch with Snowfern

>>  9.1.10

I infect Snowfern with another virus named "Korean Food Lover".
(I actually planned to have this post earlier, but due to some personal bad feeling it delay until now.)

My housemother was the one that pointed this to me, that I only eat Japanese / Korean food mostly at home. She would be very surprised if I make any Western food or any other.
But I guess that is why I always make Japanese food miniature. Some of you might wonder why I never make any Korean food miniature when I know the real cooking. I did. Once.

But then when I show them to my mom, she only commented "All I see is red colour." T_T

I went for a late night shopping yesterday to buy some fabrics. And when I came home, I found out nobody was around since noon time. So I don't know whether or not my dog has eaten. He followed me around and I gave him a "treat".

Obviously one was not enough for him, he poked his nose into the railing before I closed the inner glass door. So I gave him another one. AND despite the photo, I did not bully him! XD He put his nose there before I gave him the treat.

But yeah, he sometimes can be such a darling. Because he still thinks he is the cutest puppy in the whole world!


Unknown January 10, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

Dopey looks so forlorn!

and you're torturing me again with those pics, i'd forgotten you'd taken them! are they open today~??!? maybe if bf is up to it i'll drag him down ;) ahhh terrible la you. :P

asukasakumo January 10, 2010 at 5:46 PM  

oh my...

yes, they are open ^^; I thought they are closed on Monday, but maybe they changed the closing day. BUt they open only at lunch or dinner time. Haha, I'm their free advertiser... XP

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