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>>  2.2.10

These are sushi and takoyaki (in 1:4 and 1:12 scale).

My friends managed to poison me to buy my own BJD dolls! (LoL, I'm shifting the blame to them). I have been planning with Snowfern even before the TDA last December, but with new friends and more doses of poison, I have fallen in love with Leeke's Mabel and Luna. T_T
I have enough savings (from the past exhibitions and some from my part-time job last time), but they would be all gone in a click. LoL
*now thinking how to explain this to my parents, because certainly I can't hide two 40cm dolls from them!*

I am not sure yet, just thought if I wrote it here so I won't forget.
So here is my FAQ for future commission

~ will do mostly traditional tools; which I think suits me the best
~ I will need specific reference (example: colour, medium, special characteristic)
~ 50% deposit
* I haven't thought of any other rules yet, will add more later on

~ mostly I will do in 1:12 (one inch scale) and 1:4 scale (my future doll scale XD); other scale will depend on commission
~ type of food will be either japanese food/sweets or western dessert
~ at least 50% deposit
* Here is my reasoning for price: while bigger piece might be (sometimes) easier to make, but they are wasting a lot of clay. And smaller is because it is hard to do.

For those who are interested, you can e-mail me (see my profile). I'm sorry, but I want to be sure that my future commissions are from serious buyer.


nyann February 2, 2010 at 8:13 PM  

The takoyaki you made is fab. Love it. And ganbatte on the commissions, may you get lots of it! :)

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