Strawberry Fever

>>  8.2.10

I have arrived in my hometown. ^^
I'm sorry that I didn't inform you earlier; my connection was veeerrrryyyy slow in the few days before I left.
Was a bit surprised to find my room (that my parents use as storeroom) with a treadmill still inside. =∆=

These are the last photoshot I took before I left them until next month. I want to take with more things, but actually forgot that these 2 pudding were sold.

Happy valentine & happy chinese new year for all of you!!! (In case I didn't got a chance to be online :( Have to fight with my parents to use the internet!)

And I'm writing my plan of what to make in the holiday:
1. completing 'Konpeito'! ^^
2. mini fruits: moar strawberries, blueberries, chestnut
3. mini japanese sashimi
4. swan creampuff
(urghhh... i'm very bad at this making minis planning; i don't know what else XP)


Ascension February 11, 2010 at 2:42 AM  

Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!, es una escena preciosa, eres una artista!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

nyann February 14, 2010 at 9:59 AM  

I'm going to try the swan cream puff too. Looks like a toughie! :) Lets ganbatte together!

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