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>>  30.7.10

As you might have known from my previous post that I am re-installing my laptop (by myself) and I am starting to panic!
First of all, pardon of there' a typo mistake in this post as I am in limited access to the internet.

Ok, where do I begin?
I was confinced that I have backed-up my file before doing anything using "time machine" (I am using Mac platform). So I did not use my fool-proof-plan to manually back up my working file.
So maybe... Maybe, I lose all of my newest working file for the last 3 months! Another thing is because when I re-install, I am forced to work with older version of the mac which doesn't have the time machine!
Luckily I posted most of the edited photos online, but the problem are the working file (including my charms!) Not to mention recently my work involve mor printing (and a lot of calculations)
It's going to be easier to re-don but not easy still. I doubt I can make any new stuff for longer than I expected. Well, luckily I still have unfinished printed boxes that will last for a while.

Well, maybe I am over-panicking.
I think I will have to hunt for the program and hope it will resolve my problem. I hope it won't be -that- expensive; I just made few sales this month and after pulling the 2 wisdom teeth (that luckily went well) I can't possibly ask my parents for the money. I am already thinking of putting my store at a probably 20% discount Xd

*take a very deep breath* I doubt that I can sleep :(


Miniature Patisserie Chef July 30, 2010 at 8:49 AM  

Oh dear...I hope you will get to fix your PC soon and nothing's lost. I get so panicky about my photos and stuff too when my PC is wonky...

Pei Li

Sans! July 30, 2010 at 12:16 PM  

I know its too late for the usual have a separate harddrive talk but maybe it's better late than never. :):):)

If you have already backed up using time machine , the files should still be in there. Check the apple forums? Can Cindy give some pointers?:)

Let us know when all's well or not!

asukasakumo July 30, 2010 at 6:10 PM  

Thank you Pei Li and Sans :)

I am panicking lah. ;)
I can't seem to access the back-up; so I grow cold in an instant. I guess the easier choice that will calm me a bit is to make myself believe that it's going to be easier to re-do. :(

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