Some good news! :)

>>  6.8.10

Yes, finally I can say all went well for my laptop! The good news is that I can recover all my data. :)
The only thing that is not-so-good-news, I have to find all my favorite sites all over again and I still need to install few more programs. But in short, all is good. :)
Was in emotional break-down last week, so I dare not to update anything for fear that I'll only complains. Xd

Still busy in making the new cafe and some new stuff, I hope I can post some update photos tonight. And although the laptop upgrade wasn't-that-expensive, I still need some funding in building the new cafe. I am considering to put some stuff for sale. :)

Lesson learnt: bad mood + online catalog is a bad combination! Luckily I haven't click "buy" on any of it -yet-, but the shopping list is getting bigger! *wilting away*


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