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>>  7.8.10

To take my mind off the stress, I've been keeping myself busy. The plan was actually only to make one cupboard for my new cafe. But as it turn out, I made too many! XD
I still couldn't take any photos of the cafe itself; they are still in pieces! I just ordered few (hopefully) working lamps.

The one above is my favourite of all (and it's the one that I decided to keep). I meant to glue some hanger on the wooden bar, but it have to wait as I want to spray them bronze first. All the cabinets can be opened.
I also made these boxes using rope-like-tape (I'll show you pics of it next time). And trays; I guess I have to start making bread for display.

I also like these two, but big probably will (try) to sell them. :)
It can be used to display cakes (as I've tried to do in the pics). But the top shelves are pretty narrow actually, so it can only fit smaller items.

Made a batch of chocolaty colour too much, so I decided to play with my mold. I saw canele in some bakery near Orchard and thought they are pretty (even though it's blackish colour). Never tried to eat it though. Actually I made it quite considerate at the brown colour, but thought they are lovelier that way (?) XD
And donuts at 1:12 and 1:24 scale - made 4 colour frosting; but the pink is too light in colour. :( It's hard to see the difference, but colouring it more maybe a tougher job to do.

Oh, and I also made the plastic tray (which fit perfectly for caneles/1:24 donuts), molded using resin.
And as I mix the resin too much at one time, I thought of making "beer" (one of my long-must-to-do-list). Actually (I think) I prefer it to be more translucent (?) Hrmm, I don't know for sure as I never drank one. XD But I was pretty satisfied with the colour and the foam! :)

So maybe after all those rambling, I can give a few hints on how to make the beer. :)

1. Mix epoxy resin thoroughly and then add the same amount of yellow and ochre (so if you add a drop of yellow, do the same with the ochre); let it set for at least half a day.
2. Mix "grace" with few drops of water and white glue on a small ziplock and knead carefully until it's all mixed well (it should be runny enough). I like to call this the "cream clay".
3. Cut a small tip of the ziplock, pipe down the cream clay onto a small container. Add white fine sand and various size of translucent microbeads (no-hole; best if you have 0.5 mm and 1 mm in size, but other than that is fine as long as it's small enough).
4. Carefully put the mixture of sand, microbeads and cream clay on top of the hardened resin. I think if it's not dried enough, it could sink into the bottom of the glass.
* If you mix too much glue into the cream clay, watch out that it might shrunk too much. Probably best if you put more on top and do not touch it. (If you mess it up, it will be hard to clean up due to the fine sand!)
* You can substitute the cream clay with TLS -only if- your glass can be baked. I'm sorry, but I am not sure if it works. (You can give a try and let me know the result! :) )


The Old Maid August 7, 2010 at 4:21 AM  

You've really been busy! Great minis!!

Unknown August 7, 2010 at 10:00 AM  

wahhh busy is good!!! i love it all ^ ^ i have the ropey stuff too!! ;) ;) ;)

and the tips for the beer is AWESOME POSSUM! i just bought some glasses, not a huge beer drinker but uwahh!~ the effect is gor-jus! i go play with resin now ;)

*hugs* don't be too hard on yourself :D

Maddie August 11, 2010 at 3:12 AM  

wooooo. nicenice! love the progress! =)

eeee. =( i saw the rope-like tape in lots of japanese mini crafts books. =( what is it called? O.o

asukasakumo August 11, 2010 at 3:30 PM  

Thank you The Old Maid :)

LoL Snowfern i hope you won't injure yourself from another "got-too-serious" again!

Thank you Maddie, hahaha sorry I don't know what it is called, i throw out the plastic packaging long time ago... maybe something like "craft tape"? XD I think it was supposed to be used for quilting

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