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>>  27.8.10

Apart from my cafe, I rarely blog about my work in progress, because of one reason: it's so messy! XD
But I have no completed projects yet, they are all in pieces scattering all ver my room. :(

I made these animal (+ strawberry) tray for the last couple of days. The very first one was a BIG failure, since I drew straight on the wood itself and try to carve it out. They turned out very distorted and not to mention; dirty. =.=;
So I spent another day trying to draw it on illustrator, print, stick it on basswood, and carve it out slowly using exacto knife. They are not perfect, I already sand it down for what seems to be the thousand time and start to wonder if I should have carve a stone clay instead. I bet they are smoother. (hahaha, sorry for the rambling; I couldn't decide wether or not to buy the stone clay, I hope it's not expensive).
Or I might try to mold it anyway. (Yay, it's time to play with silicone pour! Finally!)

This strawberry shaped plate was made using sukerukun, it's not fully dry yet so I'm expecting more color change in few days. I also made sakura-shaped plate which is in darker pink color but forgot to take photo of them. =.=;

Hrm, I'm getting sleepy. XD I shall cut short my rambling.
The newer thing I made are bacon and breads below. The rest of them are my older stocks. The bacons are improved one from previous (which you can see at my flickr), but the breads still need more improvement in terms of the color.


Sans! August 27, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

Those eggs are perfect!!! :)

And your trays look pretty damn well carved, if you ask me. It's just a lot of work but otherwise, they really look great.

I also like your strawberries and the breads but my fav are those eggs. Perfecto!

Unknown August 28, 2010 at 4:12 AM  

Tienes muchos trabajos empezados, y veo que los que ya has terminado están muy bien´. El pan es perfecto y los huevos con bacon francamene muy apetecibles. Espero que termines los otros trabajos para disfrutar viendolos.
Besos Clara.

asukasakumo August 30, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

Thank you Sans! Shall we make eggs on our next meet then? XD

Gracias Clara. Usted puede contar con más progreso pronto. Estoy utilizando el traductor, así que espero que usted pueda entenderme. :)

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