Talk about being slow + MSD Dollmeet

>>  5.7.11

Sadly I have been even slower for the past week or so, a week after the TDA ends. I don't mean to start telling about how unhealthy I am (even though I have to admit part of it is caused by my lack of exercise XD), but I want to explain why I have been absent completely last week (to some people who might concerned).

I had a blood test that was done few years back, to find out whether or not I have an allergy reaction. But then it turns out, after another blood test (of which they took 8 tubes of my blood and made me go home like zombie @.@;) that I have thalassemia minor. I don't think it's that serious, except that I will experience vertigo every now and then - if I overwork myself.

This time I got it real bad, plus a low blood pressure. And until now I still feeling light-headed from time to time. :( Maybe I just haven't rest myself enough.

So that's the end of my ranting. You don't have to mind it. I just want to try to explain why I have been slow in working (especially for those who had commission me! Sorry gals!)

But that aside, last weekend is so fun! Eva from Spain came to Singapore, and we (Sans, Snowfern, and me) have a mini meet! I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't have any photo of that day. We talked until almost midnight(?) and Snowfern and myself excused ourself to go home.

Then on Sunday, I have another doll (MSD) meet! And Anzu got the chance to show off her new Alice dress :3

1:4 taiyaki

1:3 alice cupcakes

1:4 totoro bento

I still have left-over from the TDA, Snowfern has been bugging me to set it up nicely for sale, I really hope that I can find the time soon! For now you can go through my flickr and e-mail me to check it's availability; I will try my best to reply within 2 days. :)


The Old Maid July 5, 2011 at 10:15 PM  

Wishes of better health and good rest to you:)Thanks for sharing BJDolls photos:)

Sans! July 6, 2011 at 12:47 AM  

You take care, S! Anzu looks really pretty in her new dress. I almost can't recognise her! Your food looks great especially the taiyaki

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