Look forward for the next UPDATE!

>>  7.9.11

Hello! :)
The next update on my shop by this weekend comes with SPECIAL PROMOTIONS!
You can look forward to things like FREE SHIPPING and FREE GIFTS (with min. purchase)!

You can also expect things that were only available during my exhibitions (mainly because I haven't update anything since... XP) and I also remake some of the sold out items too!

It's been awhile since I updated anything. I feel so frustrated at myself for not doing as much minis as I want. I am working on few things, but they are all work in progress (and scattered everywhere in my room).

I am planning to go holiday to Japan (yay! my dream destination!) this coming November. Nothing is confirmed yet, but visiting Studio Ghibli Museum and Tokyu Hands are a must for me. :)
So I am hoping to earn few extra so that I can buy more materials from there, which I am sure I will need someone to pull me away before the store closed! :)

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