Animal Macarons and Chocolates!

>>  30.9.11

*warning* plenty of pics ahead!
As always, you can see even more photos at my flickr.

Above are my 1:12 animal macarons! First photo being my have of the series. :)
I used the same mold as my animal cookies, and added the macaron's "feet"* as Snowfern put it.
The box measure about 0.7 cm x 2.2 cm with 0.5 cm height. The tallest is the rabbit, which is about 0.6 cm long.
*corrected by Snowfern. LMAO XD

And below you can see the 1:4 scale version. The box measure 1.7 cm x 4.9 cm with 0.8 cm height. The rabbit measure about 1.6 cm long.

I wasn't about to do anymore totoro, but... I saw some people make the real totoro macaron and the idea just wouldn't go from my head! I have just made the master mold last night, so I dunno when I'll be able to finish it yet.

And using the same packaging, I decided to do chocolate as it is in my have-to-do-list!
Inside them are chocolate-colored clay like the other paper wrapping, which then i wrapped in aluminum foil before wrapping it with my own designed packaging! Each box can fit 6 bars, 2 of each flavor.

I should have taken the WIP photos to show you the insides, but my place was really messy until few days back. My room still messy btw, but at least I can easily found my tools within my reach now. XD

the barcode that says "Kuroneko Cafe Chocolate"

on my finger ;P

And the 1:4 scale. You can see the beautiful packaging pattern easily. These packaging are covered with slide-able plastic to keep them in place.

They are going to be available as soon as I worked out the pricing. I might switch the chocolate insides with some cardboard so I won't waste the clay (which is hardly seen) and it's going to be lighter too (easier for the doll to hold them up?)


mintwonderland September 30, 2011 at 1:45 PM  

OMG!! i love your creativity!! love you animal macaroons.. AWESOME!!

asukasakumo September 30, 2011 at 2:22 PM  

Hehe, thank you mint wonderland! :)

Teresa, gracias, la audición de usted hace que siente así que lo aduló! Soy su ventilador grande :)

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