I'm A Giant Challenge!

>>  27.9.11

Yay, I just want to announce that I am joining this challenge! Any of you can click on the link if you want to know more or interested in joining too.

It will be my first time joining in any dollhouse miniature challenge ever.

Reason number 1: I am planning to make 1:24 cafe / dollhouse anyway, so this will be a good motivation for me to complete it A.K.A. giving me a deadline to work with!

Reason number 2: I always have problem with joining any competitions; no matter what the theme is and no matter how good the prize is (even when there's no prize, because I think if I can finish the challenge itself is already a "win" for myself ;) ). But the problem lies within myself, I always got distracted mid-way in doing things. (LoL, sounds familiar?)

Reason number 3: The deadline is December 15th, giving me more time to re-think and re-think my plan and re-planning as usual.

Reason number 4: scale 1:24 is a new challenge for me, I am sure I won't be bored that easily! :)

OK, enough rambling! *reminding myself* XD

Anyway, right now I am still planning the 1:24 cafe (or drawing a 1:48 map on a piece of paper) and resourcing some 1:24 accessories. The ones that I found are a bit pricey for me (especially since I am still planning my holiday *v*;) so... if any of you knows any good sites that sells 1:24 kitchen accessories (plates, cups, bottles, utensils) please let me know?
I am thinking to make my own if I really can't find one within my budget, but that probably will cost me more time and money at the end of the day. T_T

I am aiming at least once a week update? I hope I can make a little progress even when I'm busy with work. :)


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