I'm A Giant Challenge Week 4

>>  24.10.11

Fourth week: Front walls, glass door, chairs + tables, kotatsu... oh, and milk cartons!

Cost for this week: $13... more or less (I lost count since I am still using a lot of left-overs). The new buy is $8 (some woods and fabric for the kotatsu)

This is probably my last post before I leave this weekend. Why? Coz my mom is coming soon, and her eyes will fall out if she sees my room right now. XD
*dancing enthusiastically* ~pardon me ;P

The doors. It is open to the side, although the left one a bit stuck; something wrong with the construction I know~ I should have leave more gap in-between to let it slide more easily, but I was too impatient to test how it work that I left it out.

After much thinking how to proceed with the furnishing, I decided to make the chairs first.
It is my third tries to finally get it right; the first ones are too big and the second ones are too wonky. I was being too stingy at first but in the end they just waste more time and material. T_T You can see the "mistakes" zip-locked and stored away~ hopefully I can use them for something else.
The back of the chairs looks kind of ugly and I am thinking of doing something crazy. Just wait and see (but most probably will do it since it bug me a lot).

And kotatsu! I wasn't supposed to make this first since this is meant for the second floor. But I don't know where to start on building the kitchen. Besides it was easier to cut the wood skeleton for it since it was the same size as the tables (which I forgot to take photo of).

Last but not least... below is my milk carton in 1:24 scale!
It's not exactly scaled, but this is the smallest I've ever done... for now! XD

I found several extra tiny bits that is up to scale for this dollhouse, which I will blog it in time. Now back to think of the kitchen! (Oops, I mean back to work XD)


Stephanie Kilgast November 5, 2011 at 11:37 PM  

Cool! At least you're more efficient than me :D

I haven't even build the room. I only prepared the walls so far XD

asukasakumo November 10, 2011 at 2:27 PM  

Thank you Stephanie!
I also cannot wait to see your when it's done. :D

I have to catch up the missing 2 weeks real soon ;)

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