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>>  10.11.11

I came back from my holiday 2 days ago. Did a bit of unpacking already, but still need a lot to do. I also need to catch up a lot of things! But I caught a bit of flu at the moment; perhaps due to the sudden change of climate and tiredness. Not to mention... I have 866 photos of my trip that I need to edit! *wailing* Some are rejected photos of course, luckily digital camera was invented. XD

I will probably blog my trip per day if it doesn't bother my blog reader. ;) It'll be nice to document my trip somewhere other than my 'miniature handwriting' (as my mom put it) on my diary.

Some of the places I visited are: Tokyo Disneyland, Museum Ghibli, Mount Fuji and Hakone, TYA-Kitchen, Tokyu Hands, Kiddyland, a LOT of shrines, and a lot of cuisine I DARED to try.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for Tomoko-san, Yukio-san, and their friend, A-san (sorry I forgot to ask your name) for picking me and my mom from the station and letting us marvel around your fabulous creations and workshop - which is to die for. REALLY. (well, at least Snowfern will XP Don't worry, I will show you the photos as soon as we meet up!)

That's it for now. I still need to rest somemore so I can heal faster. Hopefully I can finish some of the important job first by today. :)


asukasakumo November 10, 2011 at 2:24 PM  

Snowfern you should have said "okaeri" instead =.=;
tehehehe, will try to edit those photos soon!!! ;)

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